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Inspired by non-equilibrium physics and interdisciplinary research on complex systems, researchers have begun focusing directly on critical phenomena and extreme events in social systems.These phenomena are often characterized by power laws and other skew distributions that differ dramatically from the Gaussian curve. Under such circumstances, extreme outcomes occur much more often than is usually assumed based on the normal distribution.
Nutzt die Möglichkeiten des Computers!
Wie entstehen Massenpaniken? Und noch wichtiger: Wie lassen sich Tragödien wie in Duisburg verhindern?
July 27, 2010
Focus Online
Selbst Mekka ist beherrschbar
Dirk Helbing ist Pionier der Panikforschung. Er hält Millionenevents für kontrollierbar – vorausgesetzt, die Veranstalter nutzen Computersimulationen und Videoanalysen.
July 26, 2010
Zeit Online | Wissen
Who should pay for the police?
The punishment of antisocial behaviour seems necessary for a stable society. But how should it be policed, and how severe should it be? Game theory offers some answers, Philip Ball finds.
July 14, 2010
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International Workshop on «Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems 2011» June 20-25, 2011
ETH Zurich 
Professors involved
Kay W
Kay W. Axhausen
Lars-Erik Cederman
Lars-Erik Cederman
Dirk Helbing
Dirk Helbing
Hans J
Hans Jürgen Herrmann
Frank Schweitzer
Frank Schweitzer
Didier Sornette
Didier Sornette
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