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"Modeling Complex Socio-Economic Systems and Crises"


Date Speaker
16.09.2008 Adilson Motter   Collective dynamics in complex networks of dynamical systems
Prof. Didier Sornette,
Prof. Dirk Helbing,
Prof. Frank Schweitzer,
Prof. Hans-Jürgen Herrmann,
Prof. Kay Axhausen,
Prof. Lars-Erik Cederman
  CCSS Opening Ceremony
Michael Maes   Homophily, persuasion and opinion polarization. laboratory experiments on polarization in small groups
07.10.2008 Carlos Perez Roca   Understanding the effect of population structure on the evolution of cooperation. A systematic study of binary social dilemmas
David Charypar   Parallel event-driven queue-based traffic flow microsimulation
Marc Barthelemy   Modeling and measuring city formation and growth
28.10.2008 Slava Yukalov   Quantum theory of decision making: A solution for 9 different paradoxes
04.11.2008 Domenico Delli Gatti,
Milano (I)
  Emergent macroeconomics: An agent-based perspective
Stefano Battiston   Systemic risk

Albert Diaz-Guilera   Dynamics on complex networks: information flow and synchronization
Julian Wucherpfennig   Path Dependence in Civil Wars
25.11.2008 Aaron Clauset   Statistical Patterns in Global Terrorism
Gabriele Tedeschi   Herding effects in order driven markets: The rise and fall of gurus

Christian Schneider   Scale-free network robustness to attack
Thomas Maillart   Fitting power laws probability distributions and social dynamics

Heiko Rauhut   A research perspective on social norms and conflict

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