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"Modeling Complex Socio-Economic Systems and Crises"


Date Speaker Chair
17.02.2009 Fritz Busch
Kay Axhausen
Data capture, Information collation and traffic management  

24.02.2009 Dirk Helbing -
On the Emergence of Cooperation and the Collapse of Societies
Carlo Jaeger Dirk Helbing
Social Systems and Complexity
10.03.2009 Lucilla de Arcangelis Hans Hermann Spam flooding of your mailbox    
17.03.2009 Harald C. Gall

and Giacomo Ghezzi

Thomas Maillart
collaborative software engineering    
24.03.2009 Guido Caldarelli
Frank Schweitzer A Schroedinger-like equation for the PageRank
Alex Saïchev
Didier Sornette
Theory of Zipf's Law
Francesco Ciari
Andreas Horni
Kay Axhausen Current Work on MATSim

Easter Holidays

21.04.2009 Paolo Tasca
Frank Schweitzer
Information mirages
and systemic risk in financial markets
05.05.2009 Manfred Milinski Frank Schweitzer Evolutionary economy and the climate crisis game    
Lubos Buzna
Dirk Helbing t.b.a.    
  Wenjian Yu Dirk Helbing Modeling and simulation of conflicts in migration games    
19.05.2009 Georges Harras   Stochastic resonance and the excess volatility puzzle in financial markets    
  Wanfeng Yan Didier Sornette Systematic tests of the LPPL model for financial bubbles and crashes    
Kamil Mizgier

Modeling defaults of companies in multi-stage supply chain networks
  Thomas Maillart Dirk Helbing Beyond Shannon: Characterizing Internet Traffic with Generalized Entropy Metrics    


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